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usePagination is the hook that implements row pagination. It can be used for both client-side pagination or server-side pagination. For more information on pagination, see Pagination

NOTE Some server-side pagination implementations do not use page index and instead use token based pagination! If that's the case, please use the useTokenPagination plugin instead.

Table Options

The following options are supported via the main options object passed to useTable(options)

  • initialState.pageSize: Int
    • Required
    • Defaults to 10
    • Determines the amount of rows on any given page
  • initialState.pageIndex: Int
    • Required
    • Defaults to 0
    • The index of the page that should be displayed via the page instance value
  • pageCount: Int
    • Required if manualPagination is set to true
    • If manualPagination is true, then this value used to determine the amount of pages available. This amount is then used to materialize the pageOptions and also compute the canNextPage values on the table instance.
    • Set to -1 if you don't know or don't want to present the number of pages available. canNextPage will return false if page data length is less than pageSize, otherwise true.
  • manualPagination: Bool
    • Enables pagination functionality, but does not automatically perform row pagination.
    • Turn this on if you wish to implement your own pagination outside of the table (eg. server-side pagination or any other manual pagination technique)
  • autoResetPage: Boolean
    • Defaults to true
    • When true, the pageIndex state will automatically reset if manualPagination is false and any of the following conditions are met:
      • data is changed
      • manualSortBy is false and state.sortBy is changed
      • manualGlobalFilter is false and state.globalFilter is changed
      • manualFilters is false and state.filters is changed
      • manualGroupBy is false and state.groupBy is changed
    • To disable, set to false
    • For more information see the FAQ "How do I stop my table state from automatically resetting when my data changes?"
  • paginateExpandedRows: Bool
    • Optional
    • Only applies when using the useExpanded plugin hook simultaneously
    • Defaults to true
    • If set to true, expanded rows are paginated along with normal rows. This results in stable page sizes across every page.
    • If set to false, expanded rows will be spliced in after pagination. This means that the total number of rows in a page can potentially be larger than the page size, depending on how many subrows are expanded.

Instance Properties

The following values are provided to the table instance:

  • state.pageIndex: Int
    • This is the current pageIndex value, located on the state.
  • state.pageSize: Int
    • This is the current pageSize value, located on the state.
  • page: Array<row>
    • An array of rows for the current page, determined by the current pageIndex value.
  • pageCount: Int
    • If manualPagination is set to false, this is the total amount of pages available in the table based on the current pageSize value
    • if manualPagination is set to true, this is merely the same pageCount option that was passed in the table options.
  • pageOptions: Array<Int>
    • An array of zero-based index integers corresponding to available pages in the table.
    • This can be useful for generating things like select interfaces for the user to select a page from a list, instead of manually paginating to the desired page.
  • canPreviousPage: Bool
    • If there are pages and the current pageIndex is greater than 0, this will be true
  • canNextPage:
    • If there are pages and the current pageIndex is less than pageCount, this will be true
  • gotoPage: Function(pageIndex)
    • This function, when called with a valid pageIndex, will set pageIndex to that value.
    • If the passed index is outside of the valid pageIndex range, then this function will do nothing.
  • previousPage: Function
    • This function decreases state.pageIndex by one.
    • If there are no pages or canPreviousPage is false, this function will do nothing.
  • nextPage: Function
    • This function increases state.pageIndex by one.
    • If there are no pages or canNextPage is false, this function will do nothing.
  • setPageSize: Function(pageSize)
    • This function sets state.pageSize to the new value.
    • As a result of a pageSize change, a new state.pageIndex is also calculated. It is calculated via Math.floor(currentTopRowIndex / newPageSize)


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