• Plugin Hook
  • Optional

useGlobalFilter is the hook that implements global row filtering – in other words, filtering based upon data that may be in any column in a given row. This is often useful as a free-text search across all columns simultaneously. It can be used in conjunction with useFilters, which involves filtering based upon data in specific columns. It is important to note that this hook can be used either before or after useFilters, depending on the performance characteristics you want to code for.

Table Options

The following options are supported via the main options object passed to useTable(options)

  • initialState.globalFilter: any
    • Must be memoized
    • The initial value of the global filter. This information is stored in state since the table is allowed to manipulate the filter through user interaction.
  • globalFilter: String | Function(rows: Array<Row>, columnIds: Array<ColumnId: String>, globalFilterValue) => Rows[]
    • Optional
    • Defaults to text
    • The resolved function from this option will be used to filter the table's data.
      • If a string is passed, the function with that name will be used from either the custom filterTypes table option (if specified) or used from the built-in filtering types object.
      • If a function is passed:
        • It must be memoized
        • It will be called directly with an array of rows to filter, an array of columnIds (being the column IDs that global filtering is being applied to), and globalFilterValue, being the current value of the global filter
        • It must return an Array of rows, being the remaining rows that have not been filtered out according to the globalFilterValue specified
  • manualGlobalFilter: Bool
    • Enables filter detection functionality, but does not automatically perform row filtering.
    • Turn this on if you wish to implement your own row filter outside of the table (e.g. server-side or manual row grouping/nesting)
  • disableGlobalFilter: Bool
    • Disables global filtering for every column in the entire table.
  • filterTypes: Object<filterKey: filterType>
    • Must be memoized
    • Allows overriding or adding additional filter types for the table to use. If the globalFilter type isn't found on this object, the table will default to using the built-in filter types.
  • autoResetGlobalFilter: Boolean

Column Options

The following options are supported on any Column object passed to the columns option in useTable():

  • disableGlobalFilter: Bool
    • Optional
    • If set to true, global filtering will be disabled for this column

Instance Properties

The following values are provided to the table instance:

  • state.globalFilter: String
    • The current globalFilter value, located on the state object.
  • rows: Array<Row>
    • An array of filtered rows.
  • preGlobalFilteredRows: Array<Row>
    • The array of rows used right before filtering.
    • Among many other use-cases, these rows are directly useful for displaying the total number of available rows and building option lists in filters, since the resulting filtered rows do not contain every possible option.
  • setGlobalFilter: Function(filterValue) => void
    • An instance-level function used to update the global filter value.


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