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  • Optional

useExpanded is the hook that implements row expanding. It is most often used with useGroupBy to expand grouped rows or on its own with nested subRows in tree-like data sets, but is not limited to these use-cases. It supports expanding rows both via internal table state and also via a hard-coded key on the raw row model.

Table Options

The following options are supported via the main options object passed to useTable(options)

  • initialState.expanded: Object<rowId: String, expanded: Bool>
    • Optional
    • Must be memoized
    • An object of expanded row IDs with boolean property values.
    • If a row's id is set to true in this object, that row will have an expanded state. For example, if { '3': true } was passed as the expanded state, by default the 4th row in the original data array would be expanded, since it would have that ID
    • For nested expansion, you can use nested IDs like 1.3 to expand sub rows. For example, if { '3': true, '3.5': true } was passed as the expanded state, then the the 4th row would be expanded, along with the 6th subRow of the 4th row as well.
    • This information is stored in state since the table is allowed to manipulate the filter through user interaction.
  • getSubRows: Function(row, relativeIndex) => Rows[]
  • manualExpandedKey: String
    • Optional
    • Defaults to expanded
    • This string is used as the key to detect manual expanded state on any given row. For example, if a raw data row like { name: 'Tanner Linsley', friends: [...], expanded: true} was detected, it would always be expanded, regardless of state.
  • expandSubRows: Bool
    • Optional
    • Defaults to true
    • If set to true, expanded rows are rendered along with normal rows.
    • If set to false, expanded rows will only be available through their parent row. This could be useful if you are implementing a custom expanded row view.
  • autoResetExpanded: Boolean

Instance Properties

The following properties are available on the table instance returned from useTable

  • rows: Array<Row>
    • An array of expanded rows.
  • toggleRowExpanded: Function(rowId, isExpanded?)
    • A function to toggle whether a row is expanded or not. The isExpanded boolean is optional, otherwise it will be a true toggle action
  • toggleAllRowsExpanded: Function(isExpanded?)
    • A function to toggle whether all of the rows in the table are expanded or not. The isExpanded boolean is optional, otherwise it will be a true toggle action
  • isAllRowsExpanded
  • getToggleAllRowsExpandedProps: Function(userProps) => props
    • A prop getter function that returns all necessary props for an element to be clicked and toggle all of the rows expanded or not.

Row Properties

The following additional properties are available on every row object returned by the table instance.

  • isExpanded: Bool
    • If true, this row is in an expanded state.
  • toggleRowExpanded: Function(?isExpanded: Bool) => void
    • This function will toggle the expanded state of a row between true and false or, if an isExpanded boolean is passed to the function, it will be set as the new isExpanded value.
    • Rows with a hard-coded manualExpandedKey (defaults to expanded) set to true are not affected by this function or the internal expanded state.


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